Special Session 1B: The Future Geospatial Information Ecosystem

Wed, Oct 12 | 09:30 - 11:00 IST

In line with the Congress theme, this Session provides an opportunity for participants to explore the geospatial landscape and determine the future geospatial information ecosystem in view of the rapid changes in technological innovations and advancements, the increasing volumes of location enabled data, and how it can co-exist in a broader digital ecosystem.

At its twelfth session in August 2022, UN-GGIM acknowledged that this is a timely and strategically important topic to consider, to reflect on and position the work and vision of the Committee and geospatial community moving forward, and to understand how the future ecosystem links to the work already carried out by the Committee; including the Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (IGIF) which serves as a solid base for the future geospatial information ecosystem. UN-GGIM also reiterated the need to reduce the growing geospatial digital divide between developed and developing countries, including to promote the systematic and comprehensive frameworks that make geospatial data and technology available to decision-makers.




09:30 09:35 IST

Special Session #1B | Welcome and Opening Remarks

Greg Scott

Inter-Regional Advisor, UN-GGIM

09:35 09:45 IST

Special Session #1B | Geospatial ecosystems and how they differ from SDI’s

Dr. Zaffar Sadiq Mohamed Ghouse

Director, Advisory & innovation, AAM a Woolpert Company

09:45 09:55 IST

Special Session #1B | Drivers for change and technologies enabling change

Ananya Narain

Director - Consulting, Geospatial World

09:55 10:10 IST

Special Session #!B | Bridging the digital divide with knowledge on-demand

Lesley Arnold

Director, Geospatial Frameworks Pty Ltd

10:10 10:50 IST

Special Session #1B | Discussion – Are we moving in the right direction?


Greg Scott

Inter-Regional Advisor, UN-GGIM

Barbara Ryan

Executive Director, World Geospatial Industry Council

Meizyanne Hicks

Director Geospatial Information Division, Lands and Survey Department, Fiji

David Henderson

Chief Geospatial Officer, Ordnance Survey

Ingrid Vanden Berghe

Administrator General, National Geographic Institute, Belgium, Co-Chair, UN-GGIM

Sanjay Kumar

Chair of the UN Private Sector Network, CEO at Geospatial World

10:55 11:00 IST

Special Session #1B | Closing Remarks

Greg Scott

Inter-Regional Advisor, UN-GGIM